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Re: Mozilla in psyche is excruciatingly slow

--- pete peterson <petersonp genrad com> wrote: 
> Thanks for the suggestions...


> I don't THINK there's a networking problem;
> everything else
> seems normal and it's hard to imagine why a
> networking
> problem would affect mozilla and not konqueror or
> galeon.

Sorry, I didn't follow the whole thread. I wasn't
aware you tried all those clients. Still could be a
configuration/network problem though. Are you using a
proxy for any of the clients, or perhaps you have
mozilla set up with a proxy, no proxy exists. 

> I did have multiple instances of mozilla, but they
> were using
> different profiles, so they weren't sharing
> cache/configuration
> directories. One of them was running through an ssh
> session from
> home.  That session got disconnected overnight and
> now this
> morning I can't reproduce the problem, even when I
> run another
> instance of mozilla through a remote ssh connection
> (from the
> Sparc/Solaris machine in my office). At the moment,
> mozilla
> is noticeably slower than galeon or konqueror, but
> not
> painfully slow.  I'll check further when the problem
> recurs.

If it happens sporadically, I would recommend making
notes of running processes when the problem occurs, as
well as what Hal suggested... which was using strace
to get a better inside view of the problem. Also, was
the comparison between the 3 clients done at the same

Kevin C. McConnell --RHCE-- <Red Hat Certified Engineer>

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