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Re: HTTP, FTP, and SSH services (connection refused errors)

On Wed, 2002-12-18 at 10:30, Patrick, Mark S., , CPMS wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Any idea why I cant connect to HTTP, FTP, or SSH remotely on my Redhat 8.0
> machine?  I have the firewall disabled for the time being, rebooted and
> still no connection allowed. Keep getting connection refused errors at above
> ports.
> Local network systems can use the services properly, just not remotes (out
> of our domain).  Remotes can, however, ping the machine successfully. 
> Anyone have any ideas where to look?  I have racked my brain on this for two
> days.
> All help is greatly appreciated.

Are you sure you not being firewalled somewhere else along the path from
your remote machine to your Red Hat 8 box?  Try running nmap against
your Red Hat box from a remote machine that is having trouble to see
what ports are being allowed through.

Also, does your Red Hat 8.0 box have the correct default gateway so it
can talk back to remote machines?

Best Regards,
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