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Re: Dual Boot Setp

Kris Carter wrote:
I have two seperate hard drives; the boot drive is 3 GB and has Win2k SP3 installed. I am new to Linux and have Red Hat 8.0. I have a second (slave) drive that is roughly 40GB in size. I have just installed a new Intel P3 Celeron board with 1.4 Ghz Processor with 256 MB RAM
First Id like to create a dual boot setup and am not quite sure how to set that up with Linux.
Second.. I am creating a RAWRITE boot disk... and if this were Windows I could boot with my disk, and install Windows from the I386 folder into whatever drive I wanted. Is it that simple with Linux?

If possible, just boot from the RH8.0 CD-1. If not, boot from the floppy with the CD in the drive.

Follow instructions, and when it gets to choosing the type of install, select custom or expert - can't remember the terminology. Select the free space on your new harddrive for partitioning. You should need no more than 10GB for everything you want to install. You can use several partitions if you wish to separate /home where your user files will reside from / where other parts of the system heirarchy will reside. You should also define a swap partition of about 2x the real ram size you have in the machine, 500 MB in your case.

When it comes time to select a boot loader, use the default GRUB and let it install in your system Master Boot Record (MBR.) It will set up a dual boot system for your new RedHat system and Windows 2000. If you need to revert to just Windows 2000 at some time, just have a boot floppy around with Windows fdisk on it so you can boot to it and run fdisk /mbr to restore your windows only boot.

There are many variations of what you can do, so just follow your nose. It is no big deal to start over again, so don't worry about getting it all perfect the first time.


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