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Re: Apache SSL on Red Hat 8

--- Jason Dale <redhat maxxess co za> wrote:

> What would really be nice is if there was an easy
> front-end to use to
> figure all off this stuff out , so that I don't have
> to go straight into the
> httpd.conf code.

there is a frontend that comes with RH 8.0. It's
called redhat-config-httpd

> As an idiot proof solution , would
> a re-install of
> apache help ?

Reinstalling packages or rebooting are not valid
correction methods.... on any OS for that matter. If
you have to re-install anything or reboot anything,
there are code corrections that need to be fixed.

> How would I go about regenerating a new certificate
> ? is there a
> command I can use ?

Actually, there is a makefile in /usr/share/ssl/certs
that can help you. First edit
/usr/share/ssl/openssl.cnf and then run the makefile
in that directory to see a list of types of certs and
such that you can make.

Kevin C. McConnell --RHCE-- <Red Hat Certified Engineer>

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