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Re: Chkconfig priority levels

Ryan McDougall wrote:
Hello all,

I am trying to make a script to start Folding homes linux client. But when I

$ chkconfig --add folding

It told me that my script didn't support chkconfig... So I read the man page
for chkconfig --add and my specific question is...

What are my choices for priority levels and what do they mean? And/or where can
I get info on my options for chkconfig priority levels?


Take for example, /etc/init.d/apmd. Line three is:

# chkconfig: 2345 26 74

This tells chkconfig that it should start in runlevels 2-5 and it should start at number 26, and shutdown at number 74. These are arbitrary numbers, that allow you to start and stop service before/after other services. E.g., if you needed an internet connection to start your program, it should start up after network (10) and it should end before network (90). Other than that, you can decide where it should start and stop.
You should also take a look at rc5.d or rc3.d (depending on the runlevel you normally run in) to see a list of start/stop numbers for each service. The K at the beginning is the stop order, and the S is the start order. Thus S10network means that the network script starts in position 10.


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