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Re: Chkconfig priority levels

WOW Thank you so much for the reply, and man is that easy!

All that I can say is thanx!

--- "Taylor, ForrestX" <forrestx taylor intel com> wrote:
> Take for example, /etc/init.d/apmd.  Line three is:
> # chkconfig: 2345 26 74
> This tells chkconfig that it should start in runlevels 2-5 and it should 
> start at number 26, and shutdown at number 74.  These are arbitrary 
> numbers, that allow you to start and stop service before/after other 
> services.  E.g., if you needed an internet connection to start your 
> program, it should start up after network (10) and it should end before 
> network (90).  Other than that, you can decide where it should start and 
> stop.
> You should also take a look at rc5.d or rc3.d (depending on the runlevel 
> you normally run in) to see a list of start/stop numbers for each 
> service.  The K at the beginning is the stop order, and the S is the 
> start order.  Thus S10network means that the network script starts in 
> position 10.
> Forrest
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