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Re: X Display



     This options are unsecure, to use in this form be sure that you're in
a trusted LAN.

     In the server where do you wanna connect :

     As root execute 'xhost +<client_ip or net >'

     Go to GDM Properties and enable Graphical Display for remote
connections, and activate XDMCP


     In your PC.

     Open virtual console ( Ctrl + Alt + F1 for example ).

     Login and execute 'export DISPLAY=your_ip:1

     execute xinit -- -query <server_ip> :1

     Now you can connect graphicaly to the other machine using is GDM and
your Xserver.



sandrewz <sandrewz yahoo com>@redhat.com con fecha 20/12/2002 04:00:18 a.m.

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> ssh to RH8 box from your X. Make sure ForwardX11 is
> enabled.
> start any X clients. Voila!

That's fine. However, I was looking to display the
entire display, including X.


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