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Re: antivirus software

   I am happy with f-prot - free for indidual use - hooked up
   with mimedfang/sendmail - I know of others using it with procmail.

   It is simple to use and shows 'unix' roots - a single executable
   and a cron file to gather updates - by contrast some of the other 
   ones I loked at seemed to show MS roots and require very complicated
   directories with lots and lots and lots of files ... 

   thumbs up on this one from me.


On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 11:05:18PM -0800, Kevin McConnell wrote:
> I know this has been asked on previous lists with
> previous versions of Red Hat because I looked through
> all the archives. I wanted to know what people are
> using now on psyche (not other versions) of Red Hat.
> This is more or less a survey..... so feel free to
> email me off list if you feel this is off topic. I'm
> curious to know the type of AV software people are
> using, the version, and MTA they've integrated with
> and how well it's working. I've never had to worry
> about viruses before since I've always worked for
> companies that have "normal" geeks like myself, who
> run only linux. So now that I'm heading out to another
> company that most likely uses windoze clients, I feel
> I should investigate a little more. Thanks for all
> input provided.
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