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Printing Problems

Hey everyone:


I recently built a RH80 Professional box on a machine that previously ran RH 7.3. After building the box and running up2date to ensure latest greatest packages etc, I then proceeded to setup printing services. The idea behind this box is that it will operate as a pseudo print server for our ERP clients to be able to print to.


Our printers (HP5000’s and HP5si’s) all have JetDirect cards built in and normally we simply print straight to them. Unfortunately, our ERP does not play well with JetDirect for some components, hence the need for a print server.


Initially, I used LPRng and configured a printer via printtool. After setting it up for a HP5si, an ASCII test page printed however it also spit out 2 blank pages. Adding FF and EOT to the configuration for the printer had no affect. Deciding that for right now I would not worry about the additional pages, I then proceeded to configure SAMBA to use the print server on the box.


We successfully printed ONE time and the machine has not printed ever since. The print jobs hit the queue when queried by kJobViewer and sit there “processing”. Restarting LPD will flush the queue and then the print job just disappears.


Thinking that perhaps there was a bug in the LPRng software, I used the redhat-switch-printer utility to change to CUPS in the hope that I could resolve my problem. I deleted the printer and re-configured to use CUPS and the symptoms appear to be the same.


Attempt to print from the command line [lpr file] result in the same symptoms.


Anyone got a clue they can share?


Merry Christmas!





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