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Creating Launch Icons on the Desktop... from Root?

Hello, and yes Im pretty new to Linux after several years of abuse by
the "other company" MS.  So anyway I have just finished a clean and
successful install (as far as I can tell) of Red Hat 8.0.  During
install I created one user account other than Root.

Last night I downloaded and installed the latest version of Netscape. I
had to bring up the Terminal in Root and install that way... In fact if
i log in on my User account I load of Terminal and type in:

$ cd /usr/local/navigator
$ ./netscape

This loads the app and it works great!  The thing is I dont know how to
add it to the GNOME desktop or applications menu.  I try and set up a
new launcher but the screen is a little confusing and Its not letting me
setup a file path to /usr/local/navigator.  Right now my root on my usr
account looks to be /home/user.... Im confused.  I had to tweak the
Navigator install because their instructions were wrong for install..
but a little help here would bless me!! Im pulling my hair out!!

- Kris

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