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Re: antivirus software


AV solution that i use :

Mailscanner(www.mailscanner.info) + SophoS + Sendmail on a heavy loaded mail

Performance is great though.


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Subject: antivirus software

| I know this has been asked on previous lists with
| previous versions of Red Hat because I looked through
| all the archives. I wanted to know what people are
| using now on psyche (not other versions) of Red Hat.
| This is more or less a survey..... so feel free to
| email me off list if you feel this is off topic. I'm
| curious to know the type of AV software people are
| using, the version, and MTA they've integrated with
| and how well it's working. I've never had to worry
| about viruses before since I've always worked for
| companies that have "normal" geeks like myself, who
| run only linux. So now that I'm heading out to another
| company that most likely uses windoze clients, I feel
| I should investigate a little more. Thanks for all
| input provided.
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