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Re: Red Hat 8 - Instability - AGAIN

At 07:39 PM 12/20/2002 -0700, you wrote:
On Fri, 2002-12-20 at 12:11, medina campinas unimed com br wrote:
> Ok.   I apreciate all your advices..   most of all telling me to replace
> hardware.  I will try to ...    starting changing memory.
> I have to tell you that I love Linux, but sometimes I lose my temper with
> it.     I have dual boot ( RH and Win98 ) and my Win98 is much more stable
> than RH. They use the same hardware for 3 years (or more), and RH is the
> only one that hangs !    Strange because it suppose be Win98...   :-)))
FWIW - my installation doesn't hang. I think it is far more stable than
Win98...but then again, Win2K is far more stable than Win98.

I have to jump in here and say something tooo..

RedHat (all versions) have been ABSOLUTLEY flawless in terms of stability. And that includes the latest version of RH8.0 too.
At no time have I ever seen any form of instability with Linux including other distributions as well. (Debian, Slackware etc)..

Mind you, I can only claim this success for the short time I have used Linux, but for me over the last 15 years it has been the greatest operating system that I have seen for LONG TERM operations, beating any form of Windows. And that you can take to the bank!!

That is my 2 cents worth, anyways..


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--- Ted Gervais, Coldbrook, Nova Scotia, Canada

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