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Re: kde konsole has no font set

On Thu, 19 Dec 2002 20:49:36 -0500 Michael Fratoni 
<mfratoni tuxfan homeip net> wrote:

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> On Thursday 19 December 2002 10:43 am, Ross Macintyre wrote:
> > Hi, I hope someone can help.
> > I have set up redhat 8.0 on a few machines with a view to running 8.0
> > in a lab here at Heriot-Watt University.
> > I guess the setups haven't been run exactly the same because some
> > machines are acting differently from others. (This has never bothered
> > me in the past as I check that all the machines have the same
> > software later by running 'rpm -qa', comparing the output, and then
> > updating or deleting rpms to make the machines the 'same')
> > But now I have done this, I find only one machine seems to run a
> > konsole from kde correctly. When I fire up a konsole on the machines
> > that don't work correctly, there is no font set and the list of fonts
> > offered is quite large compared to the machine where it is working. The
> > machine on which konsole behaves correctly offers only these 4 fonts
> > from Settings/Font/Custom:
> >   Courier
> >   Courier 10 Pitch
> >   Lucidatypewriter
> >   Luxi Mono
> >   Monospace
> > and Monospace is the default.
> >
> > Whereas on the machines where the font has to be set explicitly to make
> > it work, there is a much wider choice of fonts, but no default set, and
> > no Monospace font offered.
> > Can someone tell me where this list of fonts is found?
> > Is the xfs font server involved here?
> > By the way, the machine has the monospace font as default, works when I
> > sit at the console, but if I connect to it using exceed from an NT PC,
> > then it also appears broken.
> >
> > I believe I have applied all the RedHat updates that there are.
> >
> > Searching the net I saw a fix that said I should set
> > LANG=C
> > export LANG
> > at the end of /etc/profile.d/lang.sh, but this didn't help.
> This shouldn't be necessary.
> > It did remind me however of one fix that I did apply, which was to
> > comment out the 1st line of /etc/sysconfig/i18n to fix the fonts when I
> > run the man command:
> > #LANG="en_GB.UTF-8"
> Did you replace that line with something else?

no I didn't actually, but now I've read this, I tried LANG="en_GB" as 
you suggest and this fixes the man problem, so I don't need to 
comment out the line or use your alias.

> LANG="en_GB" should work. The default value of "en_GB.UTF-8" should also 
> work. Simply create an alias for the man command to work around the UTF-8 
> issue. I made mine in /etc/bashrc:
> alias man='LANG="C" man'
> I've no idea if either of those will sort out the font issues, but it 
> should be a good place to start.

well since I got no other replies. I guess I'll try anf figure out 
where the konsole font gets stored in a users setup and try and set 
that for all users .
Thanks Michael,

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