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RE: RH8.0 as a internet router

IMHO, Shorewall (www.shorewall.net) is the best free system for
creating a firewall there is.  Just by editing some fairly simple
configuration files, you can set up masqerading, port forwarding,
blacklisting, and lots of other stuff that I don't really understand.
They have sample configuration files available to cover several
standard situtations, a really great mailing list where the author of
the system (Tom Eastep) answers most questions himself, and there's
even rpm and debian packages available.

Please, if you're gonna set up a Linux router/firewall system, do
yourself a favor and check out Shorewall.  Why reinvent the wheel?

Jim Hubbard
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Rockingham County Linux Users Group

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> Subject: RH8.0 as a internet router
> Hello,
> I want to set up my RH8.0 as a internet router. The
> enviroment is one PC
> with a DSL connection to internet (as server with RH8.0),
> the second PC is set
> up with Windows XP.
> The DSL internetconnection for DSL works well. A ping
> between both PC's is
> possible. Now my question.
> How to set up the configuration for a router. A internet
> connection from
> Windows XP is not possible. I think there is a problem with
> the forwarding or
> masquerading (or both), but I find no tool to set up this point.
> Can you give me some help or links to a more detailed
> documentation? Thanks
> in advance.
> Heinz
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