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Re: Much Slower than 7.2?

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Monday, December 23, 2002, 1:20:25 PM, Tom wrote:
> I also found 8.0 much slower for my smaller builds.  One thing that's
> different in 8.0 is the ext3 filesystem, which I converted to when
> upgrading.

Good information, but that does not apply here. First, the partition
with all of the raw data input to the process and all of the compiled
data output from the process was not re-built when we did the clean
install of 8.0. It's an ext2 that's all by itself on its own drive.
Second, since the copies of Partition Magic we have do not support
ext3 filesystems, we've stuck with ext2 for the other partitions, as
well. That leaves swap, which (unless it is done much less smart than
I think it is) does not have ext2 or ext3 for its space.

One or more of the messages in this thread seemed to be saying that
the documented 2 GB swap partition maximum is now higher. However, I
still don't know what the new maximum is, nor where to go to find it.
/usr/include/linux/swap.h seems to have the *number* of swapfiles, but
not each's maximum size.

As an experiment, I've copied my raw data and compilation app to
another system with 1 GB of RAM, a 4 GB swap partition, and SCSI
drives that show about 50 MB/sec buffered read throughput. It will be
interesting to see how fast that finishes. The original system is
an HP desktop box, running with a 1.6 GHz P4. This other system is a
Dell server configuration running a pair of 1 GHz P3 (Coppermine)
processors. (The data compile process is not multi-threaded.) Anyway,
I would guess that if cpu bound, the experiment will take longer, but
if memory/disk/swap bound, the experiment will take less time.


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