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IBM Thinkpad T23 + Red Hat Linux 8.0 = :) :) :) :)

Hi, this is my first post to this list, a short story
on using Red Hat Linux 8.0.

I've been wanting to have Psyche exclusively on my IBM
Thinkpad T23 ever since the OS was released.  Try as I
might, there were a couple of things I couldn't figure
out: playing mpeg video, and playing DVD's.  I
followed the directions as much as I could, but I
always ended up getting garbled video (though the
sound was OK).

So I started off with a dual-boot setup, with Windows
2000 Professional.  (I really like Windows 2000; I
just don't like its creator <g>).  Everything was
peachy, and being as busy as I was (I'm a high school
teacher), I didn't have time to do much tweaking or
experimenting on my laptop.  The only thing major that
I did was to get my Linksys WPC11 to work (and it was
pretty easy, to my surprise).

Then came Christmas break.

First, I saw the benefits of apt-get and synaptic. 
Using those programs, and armed with info from this
list and elsewhere, I tried again to get mpeg video
and DVD's working.  Imagine my surprise when, after
installing xine and its dependencies, that both mpeg
video and DVD's would play!  I was stunned.  It wasn't
working before!  So I decided to take the plunge,
reformatted the hard disk, and installed Psyche by
itself on my laptop, with the WPC11 driver, with
apt-get and synaptic, and with xine et al.  Everything
worked, more or less.  As much as I liked Windows
2000, I have never been a fan of dual-booting for some
reason, so I was happy to have Psyche alone and doing
all that I need.

Of course, not everything was perfect.  It seems that
I can only get xine to work from the command line, and
with this command:

xine -V XShm -A oss

If I try to run xine from Sound & Video -> Xine, the
window appears, and then disappears a fraction of a
second later.  Error, I guess.  I then thought I could
add the parameters in Xine's launcher (I edited the
appropriate file in /usr/share/applications), but I
still get the same result.

I'm sure some here will tell me to ditch xine and go
for Ogle or Mplayer; but I already have xine
installed, and I really want to figure out how to get
this working consistently, so I don't want to give up.
 If anyone has any insight on xine, I would appreciate

I also was able to get the whole computer to freeze
while using xine, which forced me to press the power
button.  On reboot, I noticed some things that were
non-contiguous in the filesystem.  Nothing major,

Anyway, I'm happy with how my reinstall turned out.  I
can do word processing, spreadsheets, email, web
browsing, mp3's, mpeg video, DVD's, and wireless
networking on my laptop with Psyche, which is all I
need at this point.  Lot of the info that explained
what to do came from this list, so thank you everyone.


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