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Re: Best way to reinstall XFree and KDE?

Am Don, 2002-12-26 um 17.54 schrieb Derek Martin:
> > Well, xfs isn't the prob:
> Not convinced that's the case...  your X server logs indicate the
> server was dying because it's not able to load the default font
> "fixed" 

I booted RH 8 to run level 3 and started xfs according to the
instructions of your previous post. It started without any complain but
when I stutdown the system there was a message like "stopping xfs

> You can find out using the command:
>   $ ls -l /dev |grep '188,'
>   crw-rw----    1 root     uucp     188,   0 Aug 30 19:31 ttyUSB0
>   crw-rw----    1 root     uucp     188,   1 Aug 30 19:31 ttyUSB1
>   crw-rw----    1 root     uucp     188,  10 Aug 30 19:31 ttyUSB10
>   ...
> So, as you can see, char-major-188 corresponds to the USB serial
> devices.  
Thanks for information. I just remember that convention now.

Seems to be due to problems with my officeJet connected via usb and SMP
kernel. There is a patch now, but I didn't apply it yet.

My mouse is a PS/2 and works fine in runlevel 3.

> > <------------------------------------------------------------------>
> > Dez 25 23:34:26 ibmLinux gdm[1455]: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler:
> >                 Schwerwiegender X-Fehler - :0 wird erneut gestartet
> This could well be a problem, but I don't read German.  :)  

Sorry, it says: 
     severe X-failure - .0 restarting

> This is for the apm bios driver.  Your /lib/modules/<kernelvers>
> directory may have some corruption as a result of your power failure.
> Did you see the system do the fsck after the power failure?  Do you
> remember if it reported anything unusual?

I slept well during that time, the system rebooted unattended :-)

> look in the directory /lost+found on your system... are there files in
> there?
nothing there.

> If you have bad filesystem corruption (and presumably you're not doing
> system backups), then the easiest thing to do might be to re-install
> the system.  Be sure not to reformat partitions that contain your
> data, like /home or maybe /usr/local, or whatever...  If these aren't
> seperate partitions, you may want to consider making them seperate
> partitions, because it makes recovering from this kind of problem much
> easier.  If you do have to reformat them, be sure to copy your
> important data somewhere so it can be restored after you re-install
> the system.

OK, might be the best solution to reinstall the system. Fortunately I
already have separate partitions for /home, /usr/local, /opt and some
subdirs of /var/lib which I backup regularly (but not the system
partition  :-) )

Thanks at all


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