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Switching to Sawfish (was: Re: Why no 'Kill App'??)

On Fri, 2002-12-27 at 15:22, rchrismon rcn com wrote:

> All the poor guy wanted to know is where his kill app went. He got one 
> possible answer from Donald G Wilson Jr (create a link to xkill), and a 
> bunch of messages either excoriating him for having priorities other than 
> learning how to swap window managers, or insulting him by lumping him with 
> "99% of the people on this planet [who] will never be in the smart, wise, 
> or anything like that category." (Such arrogance! Do you really believe 
> that 99% of the people on this planet are stupid or foolish?)
> In response to the original question, FWIW, search the recent archives (or 
> Google) for "sawfish." There was a discussion recently on how to replace 
> Metacity with sawfish that might help. 
> Have fun.

Not followed this thread, but sometimes we (as in all of us) do more to
hinder the adoption of Linux more than help. Sometimes it's difficult to
understand what people need to do... This isn't important right now. 

I'm someone who hasn't adjusted to Metacity yet, so to whoever needs
assistance with this - as I recall the method for swapping over to
sawfish is:.

rpm -q sawfish
// make sure that you have sawfish installed
// if not "up2date sawfish" should be enough to install

ps -ef | grep metacity
allena28  4111  4009  0 17:31 pts/6    00:00:00 metacity...
// the 4111 is the process id of metacity

kill 4111;sleep 2;sawfish &
// the process id 4111 will differ for your example.

make sure you save your session when exiting otherwise metacity will be
the window manager next time.

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