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Lost files...can they be recovered?


This must be one of the most stupid mistakes to b made...

I have a redhat 8 laptop and a redhat 8 server.  The server has samba
shares on.  I had just rebooted the laptop and went to the mnt/neil
folder and did a drag and drop of files on the local laptop to the
share.  But the share was not actually mounted.  I should have realised
this, as could see the share name, but no folders underneath.  Once I'd
done the drag and drop the various folders disappeared from the local
drive?  Guess this was doing a move rather than a copy?  Of course the
folders never actually appeared on the server.  It all went too quickly
as well.  So now the folders seem to have all disappeared completely? 
They are not on the laptop or the server?  Is there any where they could
be?  Looked in the trash. It's my whole Evolution setup, so I've lost
all previous mail!  And here I was trying to back everything up, so
could trash the machine and build it from scratch.  Now I seem to have
lost all the files I was trying to make sure were safe :(

Any ideas most gratefully received.



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