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RE: RH8 Mozilla -- Printing in Landscape?

On 27 Dec 2002, Keith Winston wrote:

> On Thu, 2002-12-26 at 19:06, Lanny Marcus wrote:
> > Possibly you can check your Printer Settings (LPRng or CUPS), to see if
> > that is configurable.   I'm using CUPS and Printing is the one issue we
> > have with Psyche. It will, hopefully, improve, with future releases. 
> > Printing from MS Windows is much nicer today than printing from Psyche, 
> > to our HP 6L LaserJet.
> My comment is not about Mozilla, but printing in Linux.  If you want
> printing to work _almost_ as easy as in Windows, you need a native
> Postscript printer, which the HP 6L is not.  Printing to a PCL printer
> will always be more difficult from Linux because the native print
> language is Postscript and it has to be converted to PCL by a filter
> which not only can produce inconsistent results, but is by definition
> twice as slow.  Many of my printing issues went away when I got a native
> Postscript printer.  In fact, my home printer, Lexmark Optra E322,
> prints Postscript and PCL.  HP also makes several models that support
> Postscript and PCL.  You pay a few dollars more, but it is very much
> worth it.
> Best Regards,
> Keith

Well, I have a native postscript printer, an older IBM 4019 PS39 laser.  
It won't print at all using Mozilla including the most recent release 

If you check the Mozilla buglist you'll see a large number of postcript
printing problems.  Mozilla's postscript module stinks.  I believe my
problem is that it only prints in postscript 3 and my printer is too old
to support that version.

The recommended fix is to install xprint but I haven't figgered out how to 
get that configured yet.


"The lyfe so short, the craft so long to learne"  Chaucer

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