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RE: RH8 Mozilla -- Printing in Landscape?

On Fri, 2002-12-27 at 16:49, Gerry Doris wrote:
> Well, I have a native postscript printer, an older IBM 4019 PS39 laser.  
> It won't print at all using Mozilla including the most recent release 
> 1.3x.  
> If you check the Mozilla buglist you'll see a large number of postcript
> printing problems.  Mozilla's postscript module stinks.  I believe my
> problem is that it only prints in postscript 3 and my printer is too old
> to support that version.
> The recommended fix is to install xprint but I haven't figgered out how to 
> get that configured yet.

Most programs create Postscript level 2, which your IBM may not handle. 
If you try a printer that understands postscript level 2, I think you
will find it works much better than any PCL printer.

Printing from any web browser is somewhat problematic, but I haven't had
any problems printing from mozilla.  Maybe I am just lucky.

Best Regards,
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