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Re: Best way to reinstall XFree and KDE? [solved]

Thanks all for the advice. Problem is solved now, but unfortunately I don't know why.

First I found, that the space of my root partition was exhausted. I did some cleaning up 
but it didn't solve the problem. So I followed D.G. Wilson's advice and used xf86config
from command line and - surprise - I could start X Windows. I inspected the generated file
and found that it didn't use 	FontPath     "unix/:7100" in Section "Files" but fixed
font path entries. OK, I thought, Derek is right with his suspcion against the font server.
I made a backup of my original config file and changed the Files sektion containing 
fixed font path entries. After a restart I could use my dual head configuration again.

In order to track down the font server problem I switched back zu my backup copy with the
"unix/:7100" entry. After a restart it worked, too. Very strange, I don't know why.

(But OK, I can work)

Thanks for all advice.
Peter Boy

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