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Re: Keyboard layout question (Peter Larsen)

I own a US keyboard, and I tend to write in a lot of different languages so switching between US, Danish, Icelandic, etc would be a pain.

I would *really* like to know where to change this. The US-international is supposed to be a keyboard that makes you write various latin char based languages without much throuble.


> The reason is that in Danish æ is related to e and å to a. I can do this with xmodmap, but I would like to know the right way to change this. Where is this defined? It doesnt seem to be defined in the map file for the US-international keyboard layout. 
> Maybe this should even be changed upstream?

hmmm - I don't use danish keys in character-mode so it's never been a problem to me. In KDE I just switch the keyboard layout to Danish when I need to use the letters and the whole layout uses Danish. When I'm done, I turn it back to US.

I realize that this doesn't solve your issue - but why use special key combinations when it's much easier to type in a language when the whole layout supports it?

  Peter Larsen

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