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Re: Rsync @ Red Hat

> Thom Paine wrote:
>> Do you suppose that the purchase of an RHN subscription would get us
>> access to redhat's rsync servers in addition to the instant ISO's? I
>> was at around 450M of disc 1 and it died out and now I've lost the
>> partial ISO. So I've hooked onto Duke to rsync them, that way I can
>> resume better than with a browser window.
>> Just an idea.
> A good one though.  I've had 2 ISOs die on me since I started the d/l's
>  this morning.  I'm thinking I'll be lucky if I have any discs by the
> end  of the day. :(
> Tom

I always use wget for large files and my simple script adds the restart
option if the file already exists.
Can't remember when the last time was that I downloaded a >20M file using
a browser.

I can only get 50K/sec on my 10Gb ADSL, but both Aus mirrors I am getting
disc 2 and 3 from are able to supply that at full speed - but I know
aarnet for certain only allows Aus traffic so that helps me but I'm sure
you guys.
(Was interesting to see the aarnet mirror being created before my eyes)

I got most of disc1 from the site listed in the "user" mailing list
but it degraded slowly during the day and I killed it at around 550M
I'll get the rest of 1 when 2 & 3 are finished.


MS ... if only he hadn't been hang gliding!

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