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Re: Rsync @ Red Hat

You should be able to use 'wget' on the URLs from the Instant ISO page
and resume your downloads.  Using your browser to download is highly
unsafe; a single crash can lose the entire download.  wget should work
fine, but be sure to put the URL inside of single quotes (') to ensure
that shell escaping does not damage the URL.


Thom Paine <thom ac-services ca> writes:

> Do you suppose that the purchase of an RHN subscription would get us
> access to redhat's rsync servers in addition to the instant ISO's? I was
> at around 450M of disc 1 and it died out and now I've lost the partial
> ISO. So I've hooked onto Duke to rsync them, that way I can resume
> better than with a browser window.
> Just an idea.
> Thanks,
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