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Re: Fast mirror?

Matthew J. Brodeur wrote:
On 30 Sep 2002, Brandon Hutchinson wrote:
Does anyone want to post a URL for a blazing Red Hat 8.0 mirror?

Define blazing :)

I've been using the freshrpms.net mirror, and getting >150kB/s.
But it has a 12 user limit on anonymous ftp so getting is could be hard.

That alwas the problem though. The fast mirrors have low user limits to stay fast. The sites that allow lots of users tend to be slower. But that's the way the network bandwidth works. Ifg I have 10 Mbs, and 5 connections all 5 get 2 Mbs. If I allow 10 connections, everyone only gets 1 Mbs.

Most mirrors cannot afford a T3+. most are T1 or less. Thats like 1.2Mbs, or 150 K bytes/second before FTP/TCP overhead. So 10 users only get ~10KB/s.

If you have a fast connection, yor best bet is round-robin tries
to 3 or 4 mirrors near you until you get in to one of the faster
ones with low users counts. If you have a slow connection, try sites with more connections allowed. You want a place that will max out you bandwidth, not theirs.


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