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Re: Boxed set not available anywhere

On Mon, 2002-09-30 at 15:50, Jesse Keating wrote:
> You could have pre-ordered it from Amazon.com over a week ago.

But would I be holding it in my hand right now. ;-)
I also am not fond of Amazon's privacy (if you want to call it that)
policy. I will just wait until I can buy it in town.

IMO, I think Red Hat would be better served to make sure that boxed sets
are available for purchase locally when they release a new version. As
Red Hat's popularity increases with each new release it is becoming
increasing more difficult to download the new version when it is
released. Plus the media hype surrounding this release hasn't helped. I
think there are a lot of people trying to download this release who may
not currently be Red Hat users.   

I still will being buying a boxed set, even after I download it. Red Hat
already has my sale, but I think they might have picked up a few sales
they might not have from people who wanted to avoid the mad rush to
download it. 

In one way it is great to see the swamped download sites. It means Linux
is increasing in popularity, but that popularity can be a pain
sometimes. ;-)
	Jim H

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