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Re: In-depth review of RHL9 technical changes

Dax Kelson wrote:
I written up a close examination of Red Hat Linux 9. The review covers
three main categories:
You can find the review at:


Comments and feedback welcome.


I thought the review was very well done and answered a lot of questions I had about RH9. A nice bonus for me was your link to the reallyslick.com OpenGL screensavers. I had never seen these before. Luckily, they ran on my 8.0 laptop and they blew me away.

One thing I want to mention about the XFree 4.3.0-2 part of the review is that the ability to prevent Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to end the X session has been in X for some time, but with a different option name, "DontZap". I've used it before as follows:

Section "ServerFlags"

    # Uncomment this to disable the <Crtl><Alt><BS> server abort


I'm not sure how it differs from the "HandleSpecialKeys Never" option.

Keep up the good work of guru labs!

Best Regards,
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