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Re: I'm leaking, and I don't know why...

Camron W. Fox wrote:
After six hours of not touching the machine:

[cwfox Narsil cwfox]$ free
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 1030512 739676 290836 0 17408 611360
-/+ buffers/cache: 110908 919604
Swap: 2040244 0 2040244
[cwfox Narsil cwfox]$

	At the end of 12 hours (untouched), memory use is above 95% and I
haven't even run an "ls".

While you may not have done anything, Linux is never sleeping, it is likely that after 12 hours, an updatedb was run to reindex your locate database, countless other cron jobs were run and more stuff was given to the disk cache.

Does the machine ever lock up or refuse to run something after 12 hours?

The Linux VM (which I know little about) was overhauled around 2.4.10, but I would not worry unless you are seeing other symptoms. Try running some memory hog programs like openoffice and mozilla after 12 hours and recheck your memory. You should see some reallocation.

Best Regards,
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