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Re: Trying to get wireless to work...

John T Nelson wrote:

In fact, I'm not even sure the card itself is properly recognized because the eth0 interface keeps dissapearing although cardctl has no problem interogating the card.

I would be very surprised if it worked. AFAIK, the 802.11a and 802.11g specifications are not even finalized yet, so what you bought was the Linksys proprietary implementation of a not-yet-finished-spec. I would say the chances of it working in a or g mode with any other brand of wireless card or hub today are close to 0%.

So..... I guess the question is, does RH not support the Linksys Wireless-G and is there are fairly cookbookish procedure for getting one of these running. I've been to some of the wireless How-To's but these are vague and not very specific (in my opinion).

Red Hat does not write drivers for most of the hardware out there, just as Microsoft does not. Linksys probably wrote the Windows drivers to ship with the card, so maybe you could contact Linksys.

Another place to search would be linux wireless mailing lists to see how development is going on the brand new cards. Sometimes, when you buy bleeding edge hardware, you bleed.

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