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Re: Transferring RedHat 8.0 to a new computer

On Monday 07 April 2003 12:22 pm, Hal Watson wrote:
> Hello everyone,

> I would like to transfer my existing RedHat 8.0 installation to this
> new computer by simply installing my Linux hard drive as hdb.  I'm
> guessing that I will need to re-install GRUB somehow onto hda.
> Will this work?  Will RedHat detect any hardware changes on this new
> system when it boots up (I'm thinking maybe the video card, modem,
> various ports, other...) ?

Hi Hal.

This should work just fine.  Be sure to create a boot diskette FIRST using:

mkbookdkt $(uname -r)

then move the drives as indicated.  Once your drive is installed in the new 
machine, boot using the floppy and then reinstall grub from there.  
Instructions for grub are available via "info grub".

You may have some manual cleanup wrt the changed hardware, but you should be 
able to boot into Linux to do so without problems.

If you have any specific questions once you're over to the new (to you) 
machine, post them to the list and I'm sure you'll be up and running rather 


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