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Re: Transferring RedHat 8.0 to a new computer

Hal Watson wrote:
Hello everyone,

I am a typical home user, running RedHat 8.0 in a dual boot environment
with Win98.

Windows 98 is on hda, RedHat 8.0 is on hdb.  GRUB is the boot manager,
and I believe it resides on the primary IDE drive hda.

Here's what I want to do.  I've got a new (to me) computer with WinXP
already loaded on the primary IDE drive hda.  This drive is formatted as
a FAT32 single partition just like the hda on my old computer.

I would like to transfer my existing RedHat 8.0 installation to this
new computer by simply installing my Linux hard drive as hdb.  I'm
guessing that I will need to re-install GRUB somehow onto hda.

Will this work?  Will RedHat detect any hardware changes on this new
system when it boots up (I'm thinking maybe the video card, modem,
various ports, other...) ?

It is possible to install your linux disk in the new computer, reinstall grub on the boot sector of disk 1, and boot in to runlevel 3 (command prompt) but not 5. Red Hat will likely detect many changes in your configuration, but it won't adjust everything automatically, especially with regards to video card, network card, etc.

What I would strongly recommend is that you back up all your data and configuration files from your Red Hat 8 install, move your disk over to the new XP machine, do a fresh install of Red Hat, then restore your data and configuration files. Even better, buy Red Hat 9, then restore your data.

I just installed Red Hat 9 on a different partition on my laptop, but it will take me a few days to migrate my configuration over, maybe longer depending on how all my peripherals work out.

I always recommend doing fresh installs of a new OS vs. upgrades whether it is Linux or Windows or Mac.

Best Regards,
Droplets of yes and no in an ocean of maybe
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