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GNOME windows disappearing, when want to minimize; how to correctmy error?

Note: This is NOT a glitch in GNOME or Psyche. Everything was working
properly for me, for months, until I screwed this up!

Apparently, I clicked wrong, when removing the Character Palette from the GNOME Panel (the Character Palette didn't work properly for me); or when I installed an Icon in the Panel, for the Character Map, which does work properly for me.

The result of the mistake(s) I made, is that now, when I try to minimize windows, they disolve off the lower right hand corner of the screen.

Instead of the applictions being shown minimized, in the Window List, as they are on this box, as I am writing this; there's no Window List on the panel, on the box with the glitch, which is my primary box.

When I log out of the session, I can see, for a second, the applications that I wanted to minimize, but that disappeared.

The problem is on my main user account, on my main box, so if there is a
way for a newbie to correct this, I would appreciate you letting me know.

If not, when I upgrade to Shrike, will this glitch in GNOME configuration setting(s) be corrected or carried over into the upgraded system?

TIA for your time and help! Lanny in Colombia

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