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Dependencies checking fails strangely.

Here is a strange symptom of my "Psyche" box:

I am trying to install the "knode" program from the installation CD's,
using the Packages Management utility ("redhat-config-packages"). After
checking & resolving dependencies, the system says that it can proceed
with installing "knode", because several packages could not be found in
my system, for example, "kdenetwork-libs = 3.0.3.-3". However, when I
type "rpm -qa | fgrep 'kdenetwork'" on the command line of a terminal
window, I get "kdenetwork-libs-3.0.3-3.2", which means that the required
library is installed (somebody, please, correct me if I'm wrong...).

The same happens with several other packages and dependencies. I suspect
that it may have something to do with the fact that I have retrieved
several packages & updates from the Red Hat 8.0 Channel of Ximian's Red
Carpet (because, until some time ago, my CD-ROM drive was broken and I
could not use the CD's). I am not completely sure, though, that this is
really the reason.

Has anybody else come across the same behavior? Is there any way I can
resolve / overcome this?

Panos Platon Tsapralis,
SAP-R/3 specialist, ABAP/4 developer,
Registered Linux User #305894,
Ximian Evolution (1.2.2) on Red-Hat Linux (8.0),
Athens, GREECE,
cell-phone: +306946462857,
e-mail: panosplaton in gr, myredhatlinux yahoo gr

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