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Re: ram test -

the easy way to install without the dependencies problem is to double click on the file from the nautilus navigator, and it will take care of the dependencies
and yes they are in the 1st cd


Bob Goodwin wrote:

Raj wrote:

I think you did not select the Dev tools (or similar) option while installing. What you can do now is to mount the CD and install the rest of the rpms using the command

rpm -ivh <rpm name>

I do not know in which CD these RPMs are but I think they are in 1st. RPMs are located in RedHat/RPMS directory in the CD


Yes I began doing that but it's a difficult task since there are dependencies for the dependencies and I have to leave for work now. Whichcd shows the gcc files on Disk#1.

I will deal with it as I find the time.

Thanks for your help.


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