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Re: a thin linux distro...

Sounds a lot like microtik to me, check out :


Jean-Philippe Villeneuve wrote:

I want to fit linux into a 64 Megs ata chip, so there is no moving part, and
fit the actual setup that run a dos software.  I compiled the software for
linux and would like to upgrade the actual setups without modification to

the software usses sound drivers, and Allegro libs(video library).
the hardware is a standard motherboard, celeron 1G, 64M pc133, 64 M SST ata
chip(solid state hard disk)

the options are:
1- find a distro that fits my needs.
2- take a known distro and remove all the unnecessary parts out.
3- go back to DOS and PRAY( not the best option I think.)

witch one is hte best for you??? and where can I find information on how to
do it???

thanks for your time.

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