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Re: RHN finaly available again.

Yah your right, I guess I was just trolling.

Having taken so... long... to get the updates, I guess that I just acted out.

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:

Oh, look, Ma... more load! Thanks, Guy. (And yes, I understand that you were only making requests... but wouldn't every 5 minutes or even 15 minutes have served your purposes just as well?)

Absolutely, which is why I suggested that others don't use such a drastic method.

Honest recommendation: never do business with anyone you don't trust. If you really believe this, switch distros.

I have already moved all of my servers to FreeBSD, and am investigating the applicability of moving all our RH desktops to FreeBSD. Since we are able to ;
have a FreeBSD cvs server that is updated every day at our location,
make patches to fix problems, and have them accepted within days for every other FreeBSD users access,
get credit for opur submissions.

It makes a lot of sense to move to that platform, for all *nix/linux systems.

Personally, I believe that a large part of the future of a (successful) penetration of Linux into the market depends on someone achieving a great deal of _commercial_ success and I strongly support Red Hat's attempts to do so. Of course they are not perfect, but I think they are pretty darn good.

I will keep RH 9 at home for now and see how things go, but arrogance will make people go else where. Like I have had to do at work to ensure that we can have systems that are stable and not subject to marketing priorities. Being able to have our own cvs server makes a lot of difference, even just in download savings since only diffs are downloaded. This allows us to have quick access to all the source code and makes software maintenance simple, comapared to maintaing source packages and spec files.

I don't feel RH is doing it's part to support the linux community any more. They make there own patches that don't seem to get back to the original developers, and keep back porting other patches to work with their "branded" version of the application.

I prefer to submit my changes to the distribution I am using as well as the original developer, so that when the developers next release or update comes out everybody who uses the software benifits, not just the people using the same distribution or even the same operating system, that is open source development. Opensource development is what drew me to Linux in the first place. I only moved to FreeBSD rather than another version of linux because we aquired a junior administrator who was only comfortable in FreeBSD. Since I have been working with since Sun was still using Motorola chips, and have had experience with many *nix/Linux and other platforms, I decided it would be more effective for me to adapt. I will continue to help the open source community into the future, but I may not be able to provide sowtware support for RH in the future. Since we will no longer use any RH at work, I will have little time or necessity to make patches.

Use whatever you're happy with, but this post feels too much like a troll despite what I know to be your level of expertise.

I hope I don't seem as bad Theo de' Ratt {IIRC.} [For those who know who he is and what *he* is like.]

Well I need to get back to making a more robust realtime Cistron radius to PostgreSQL accounting system patch finished, so I can implement a new PHP based Realtime Usage Reporting service for our customers.


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