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Questions about RedHat8.0 Gnome Desk Top

I have three questions for experts on RedHat8.0 Blue
Curve Gnome Desktop GUI.  I have just updated from
RedHat6.2 to RedHat8.0.  Under 6.2 Enlightenment
Desktop, I used to have 8 workspaces.  Creating the
same thing under the new RedHat8.0 Blue Curve Gnome
desk top is no problem.  But I cannot customize it
the way I want to.  So here are the questions:
1) I cannot drag a window from one workspace to an
   adjacent one.  Dragging works partially to the point
   where the mouse pointer is.  It won't drag beyond
   that.  So the mouse pointer never moves to the next
   workspace.  But it is even worse than that.   The
   dragged window that partially crosses into the next
   workspace is not visible in the next workspace.
   (Otherwise I can drag it again over there.)

2) "xterm" command with location arguments does not
   work properly in RedHat8.0 Gnome.  Let's say that
   your screen resolution is 1600x1200.  And let's say
   that from an X-terminal in the workspace (0,0) you
   issue a command to create more X-terminals.   For
   example, if you type "xterm -geometry +1750+200 &",
   the new terminal should appear in the workspace
   (1,0), not in (0,0).   Similarly the command
   "xterm -geometry +3250+100 &", should create a new
   terminal in the workspace (2,1).  This is exactly
   what happens in RedHat6.2 Enlightenment Desktop,
   but not in Redhat8.0.  Strangely all new terminals
   appear in the same workspace where you issued the
   command.   Does anybody know a way around this
   problem?  How does one generate new terminals in
   other workspaces without being there in the first

3) Finally, and most strangely, I cannot save a
   "session" with X-terminals when I log out.
   RedHat8.0 allows me to save the graphical session,
   but not the X-terminals in it.   This is awfully
   strange, since 90% of what I wish to save and start
   from (every time I log in) are X-terminals.  Does
   anybody know a way around that?

Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions
on any of these questions.

sinan kaptanoglu

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