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Configuring NE2000 Clone Card


I've tried this on a couple of newsgroups without a bite, hope you will
indulge me here.

I'm installing a D-Link DE-528 under RH 8.0. I would use another card, but I
need the 10base2 for a long run away from the main hub. Testing now with the
10baseT port.

The card seems to install fine, but just doesn't work. I can't ping any
device on the network except this one itself and I can't ping this one from
anywhere else. I have removed and re-added the card under system tools. I
get a message saying that it can't initialize the card when I use anything
but the PCI NE2000 Clones entry, which should be right. The hardware browser
shows me an
RTL8029 AS, which should be right.



Joe D. Trent
Bigham Brothers, Inc.
Lubbock, Texas

Toll Free (U.S.): (800) 692-4449
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