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SV: Complaint about change in spam controls of mailing lists @ Red Hat

I'm just curious - what is RBL? I'm totally in the dark here.

I just installed "mail washer" on my Windows XP (I have a dual boot) as the
spammails  have become a rather big problem. As I don't know how to stop
spammail in Redhat (desktop version) I've decided to first check my mail in
Windows XP so as to eliminate all my spams before going over to Redhat.

All of the mails from Ed Greshko greshko com that have come today were
"blacklisted" in "mailwasher". I don't know if this info is of any help in
this discussion. Because it came from Redhat, I let them come in. I'm hoping
that that won't increase the chances of getting more spammail - I really
don't know much about spammails other than they've become increasingly
irritating and at times rather offensive as I feel my right to choose what
comes in my mailbox is being compromised. I've reached the point in which I
will do just about anything to stop them without compromising the e-mails I
do want to receive.


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Emne: Re: Complaint about change in spam controls of mailing lists @ Red

At 09:45 PM 4/21/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Clearly, Red Hat is using one of the many overzealous RBLs
>which block on dialup address ranges.

Can we get confirmation that this is indeed happening? Before we draw too
many conclusions, that is. There might be other reasons why you got that
error, including perhaps that Red Hat indeed had too many problems
specifically from your (as yet unnamed) ISP. I don't know... I would just
want to be sure whether they are RBL'ing or not.

Rodolfo J. Paiz
rpaiz simpaticus com

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