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Re: Complaint about change in spam controls of mailing lists @ Red Hat

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On Monday 21 April 2003 08:45 pm, Steven W. Orr wrote:
> Mail to Red Hat lists are being bounced because of the reasons listed
> below. The spam content on these lists has been good in the past and
> I object to my mail being bounced now. One of my main reasons for
> using Linux in the first place is so that I can send and receive mail
> using my own sendmail server. If this message gets through it's only
> because I am bypassing my mail server to use my ISP's server via the
> mailertable file in sendmail. Clearly, Red Hat is using one of the
> many overzealous RBLs which block on dialup address ranges. I'm not a
> dialup: I'm on a cable modem and I've been doing this for years. I
> tried using an RBL that blocked on dialups and I can tell you that I
> dropped it because it's just too restrictive.
> Can this RBL either be dropped or this issue escalated to a higher
> level? I really think this is wrong. I use my ISP for bandwidth and
> nameservice resolution, and *nothing* else.
> Do others here understand what I'm saying?
 I'm in the same boat.  I'm being forced to use my upstream ISP smtp 
server for outgoing mail because of the RBL arbitrary report.  The 
reason I started using my own mail server is the abismally bad service 
from my cable provider.  His down time, during prime time (late 
afternoon and early evening) runs about 15% averaged over a month.

Now that I'm forced to use their upstream server, I'm losing about 10% 
of my outgoing mail.

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