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Re: Complaint about change in spam controls of mailing lists @ Red Hat

On Monday 21 April 2003 10:25 pm, Ed Greshko greshko com wrote:
> On Mon, 21 Apr 2003, Jesse Keating wrote:
> > > Personally, these RBL's suck big time.  They have *not* reduced 
the amount
> > > of spam I get.  But they force me to spend more money in some 
way or
> > > another.  I've been toying with the idea of starting a "Stamp 
out RBL"
> > > movement.
> >
> > Bummer, because the RBLs I use on my mail server cut down my spam 
by about
> > 80%.  I kid you not, overnight the amount of spam to my inbox 
dropped by
> > about 20 messages a day to about 3.
> Well, *if* you can use RBLs and *if* the use of RBLs by others 
> prevent you from sending legitimate email then they *may* be OK.  
But, as
> I've said, unless I pay more I'm stuck being a target of RBLs.
> A "solution" that costs more than I am willing to pay is no 

I checked the address for greshko.com at http://openrbl.org/ and you 
only seem to be listed in XBL which is a extreme list that blocks 
most of the Internet.  If Redhat was using that list most of their 
email would be dropped.  Are you sure you are being dropped because 
of an RBL?

> > I have yet to miss an email that was important either.
> Right, I said I paid to an SMTP Relay service.  ;-) ;-)
> Ed
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