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Re: OT: Why I use an MTA at home

On Fri, 2003-04-25 at 11:26, Doug B wrote:

> Can you enlighten me on how I can send email from home, through my 
> provider at home, that will only show my work email address?  I want 
> people I have a work relationship with to see only my work email 
> address but still be able to do some of my work from home.  I would 
> also like to know how I can respond to mail-list that I subcribe to 
> with one acouunt (like at work) from home. The only way I know to 
> handle either situation has resulted in a 'relaying not allowed' type 
> of message from my ISP.

	I do this all the time.  In fact I have 5 or 6 "from" email addresses I
use that all go through one smtp outbound server.  The key is for the
smtp server to allow access from your IP address.  Most ISPs allow you
to send with the from address anything you like as long as the actual
envelop info is valid.  Now, it does sound like your ISP might be a bit
more draconian in the configuration.  What was the only way you knew? 
Tell us what you did and that will help to figure out where to go from

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