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erasing the MBR

Dear all,

I need to erase the MBR on my RH8, Win XP (single hdd) dual boot system.   I 
can not use fdisk /mbr    from my windows XP installation.  I tried booting 
into windows safe mode command prompt, but it does not recognize fdisk as a 
valid commnand.  I know there is a way to do this from linux, but I've looked 
in vain everywhere - can't remember where I've seen it.

I have GRUB as the boot loader. I have both winXP and RH8 happily coexisting, 
but I wanted to shrink the XP partition and create another 4GB ext2 
partition.  When I ran partition magic it found errors on the linux 
partitions, I corrected those errors and then GRUB starts, but gets stuck and 
fails to boot any OS.  No major problem, I have an XP boot disk and a GRUB 
boot floppy so I can still boot both systems and they both work fine.

But now that I got to shrink the NTFS partition, Partition Magic (7) needs to 
reboot the system in order to commint the changes.  If I don't flush GRUB 
from the mbr, prior to running partition magic then the system will probably 
get stuck in a very messy state.

I want to flush the mbr without disturbing the existing partitions, so that at 
the end of the whole process I can reinstall grub and run both OS's.  Thanks, 
Gus Degreef.

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