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Re: Serial port reading

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>Hi folks!, I'm gonna need a little advice from somebody that has expersise
on using serial and parallel ports under RH8

>My problem is as follows: I have a device that sends data in
ascii-RS232-format and would like to send that data to a Parallel Printer
(LPT). Been finding out and >couldn't find any (dedicated) hardware to do
that, so I decided to use a little from the computer and do the job.

>Any ideas on which language (that works with data input/output gently)
should i look at?

>Thanks in advance.

>Hernan Rohner
>hhrohner internet com uy

RS232 is not a format and neither is ascii.  Do you mean it's sending ascii
data on an RS232 port?

I don't have any software experience with reading serial on RedHat but I do
know a little about RS232 and Parallel ports on PCs.  The first thing you
are going to have to do is find a box that will properly convert the
signalling from RS232 to LPT levels.  I know that RS232 signal level spec is
+12V and -12V on a PC and I think that LPT is +5V and 0V.  I do know that if
you adapt an RS232 cable directly to an LPT port with no signal conversion
between them more often than not you will destroy the LPT port...either way
you won't get any data flow because the connectors are wired totally

John Guynn
System Administrator
support tradersparadise com

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