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Re: Motherboard MSI 694D and RH 8

Niels R. Walet wrote:

I have 8 older systems running the above motherboard, most (but not all?) of which seem to die somewhere in the boot sequence, or early after ending the boot sequence with any of the rh 8 standard/upgrade kernels, either an smp or ordinary kernel. Before I junk all of this (difficult, since I can hardly replace all of these), is anyone aware of issues with the MOBO/kernel combination?

I am running a server with a MSI 694D motherboard (the one without the RAID controller on MB).
I have run it with RH 6.x, 7.x, and now 8.0 with SCSI drives, SCSI RAID, and now IDE RAID.

I have not had any problems with the MB.

I have had problems such as you describe because of problems with SCSI/RAID setup and/or incompatiblities with older GRUB versions and RAID (current along about RH 7.3).

I have also had problems like you describe when I had bad memory and/or IRQ conflicts between the disk controller and an ISA board (esp network boards).

R.Parr, RHCE Temporal Arts

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