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Re: umask - chmod - sticky bit

I have my umask set correctly yes, but what I need is when users save a file in
/shared lets say that the file permissions on the file get set to 660, the user
default umask is 007.

Cameron Simpson wrote:

> On 11:59 06 Aug 2003, Corey Hart <chart acad stedwards edu> wrote:
> | I have a shared directory where I would like every file underneath it to get
> | created with the following permissions
> |
> | chmod 660 (ug+rw) or umask 007
> |
> | but I can not figure out a way to do this short of having cron run everyone 5
> | minutes chmod -R the directory and everything underneath it.
> |
> | My users default umask is 077.
> All you can do is change your users' umask.
> If your groups are set up right (every user has their own group) a umask
> of 007 should be fine.
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