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Re: Help-Not able to login to linux system through telnet,FTP fromwindows workstation

On Sun, 2003-08-17 at 23:05, ravinder wrote:
> Sir,
> I am new to Linux enviroment,
> i am installing red hat linux 8 server on my intel based system, 
> while configuring the firewall i have selected "No Firewall".
> my problem is, i am not able to login to my linux machine from windows
> workstaion or any sun machine throught telnet or FTP.
> when i check the firewall configuration throught Lokkit or
> Security-level menu.i find the firewall conf as High.
> i did try to configure from here to allow telnet,ftp etc,etc.then
> updates the iptablesas per the documentation asks me to do.
> Even then the Fire wall conf does not get configured.
> pl help me in this matter.
> i also need to configure squirrel mail on this linux machine.i
> request you people to help me in this matter.
I doubt that it's the firewall - telnet server isn't typically installed
by default and if you did check it to get it installed, it likely isn't
turned on. I doubt ftp is turned on either.

If you are new to Linux environment - try reading the support manuals
put out by Red Hat...



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