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RH8 and mail domain hosting

Hi all,

I know that this is more a sendmail question, but there must be a
more intelligent way around this problem can can work with more
that one mail MTA.

Here is the situation:  we have a server that hosts mail for '@domain1'
and '@domain2'. We have two people by the name of 'Bob' :

bob domain1 com
bob domain2 com

Now if 'Bob' at domain1 sets up his username and password the same as
the other Bob, even if the domains are different, you will have mail for
both Bob's being delivered to the same computer, on a
basis. Naturally, the other Bob will not be happy about this.

Is there anyway to set up the system so that both Bobs can have different
passwords, and that their email gets stored seperately in different
on the same machine with the same IP address?

P.S. This IS an RH8 system :)


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