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Re: FAT32 Support is Still Alpha

Message: 4
From: Greg Goldstein <greggold bluewin ch>
To: <psyche-list redhat com>
Subject:  Fat32 support is still ALPHA
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2003 09:49:49 +0200
Reply-To: psyche-list redhat com

I recently installed RH8.0 on my Dell Inspiron 2500 laptop, which is
dual boot and I have 2 DOS drives mounted. I get this message on
boot-up: checking filesystems - Fat32 support is still ALPHA.

Has anyone experience with this message, are there ever any bad effects
of alpha support?


I run RH 9.0 on a dual-boot Dell Optiplex GX100 and I get this message on boot all the time. It, of course, has to do with your machine being configured to mount a DOS or vfat partion while in Linux.

I have had NO problems with this. I have to mount my Windows partition when I want to use it (I didn't want it to be mounted all the time), but I have sent many e-mails with attachments that gotten from my Windows mount. I have also retrieved graphic files and text files that I've saved in Linux as well as copied files to my Windows mount and back to Linux. I've even done the unforgivable, and forgotten to unmount the partition, but have not encountered any problems, but in this latter situation, I was lucky - it could have resulted in file corruption regardless of whether or not it was a Windows mount or not. This by no means indicates that I'm an expert on this subject, but I have encountered no problems.


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